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By donating to scholarships, you empower passionate individuals who experience financial hardship, disability, or are from economically disadvantaged geographical locations, including refugees.

Scholarships such as the Equity Merit Scholarship and the Indigenous Student Scholarship help make students’ future medical careers possible—changing not only their lives, but those of people they will care for.

In some instances, recipients of these scholarships have chosen to practice medicine in rural and underserved areas, and are making a real difference in those communities.

One of our scholarship recipients has this to say:

"I would like to thank you for your contribution to the MQ MD equity merit scholarship. Both my parents passed away when I was a child and since then I have dreamt of becoming a doctor to help people like my parents and also families like my own. This scholarship has enabled me to pursue this dream, as without this financial support I would be unable to complete my studies. I would like to greatly thank you for facilitating this opportunity, being able to study medicine is my proudest achievement and has changed my life. Thank you again."

James McClelland, 2nd year Doctor of Medicine student

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