MQ Health - Macquarie University

Prostate, bladder and other genitourinary cancers

Working with several industry collaborators, researchers within MQ Health are exploring new approaches to better diagnose prostate cancer and so determine the best course of treatment. The current approaches to prostate screening, based largely on prostate-specific antigen (or PSA), often tend to overestimate the occurrence and severity of prostate cancer, thereby leading to unnecessary surgical and other treatments for some men.

To help reduce this problem, our researchers and clinicians are working with partners to test new blood biomarkers that have potential for much more reliable diagnosis of prostate cancer. Other research includes testing new approaches to precisely identifying the extent and location of the prostate cancer by means of ‘molecular imaging’, using the latest in radiopharmaceutical tracers and positron emission tomography (PET) imaging.

Macquarie University Hospital is pushing the boundaries of surgical treatments for prostate cancer, applying the latest surgical approaches with its two Da Vince Surgical Robots. Other research efforts in prostate cancer, and much of the activity in bladder and kidney cancers, occurs within MQ Health’s clinical trials activity.