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Health systems and safety

Research within AIHI’s Centre for Health Systems and Safety Researchtakes an in-depth look at the safety, effectiveness and cost-efficiency of healthcare delivery, and particularly of healthcare technologies.

The centre’s researchers are devising rigorous and innovative ways to assess health informatics. By applying these methods, they are addressing research question such as how well information technology systems – for example, computerised decision support for prescribers – fit in with the work of doctors. An important part of this effort is detailed research to uncover actual, rather than 'idealised’, clinical workflows in busy hospital settings.

Other research is assessing how information technology can reduce medication errors and support improved medication therapy decisions and outcomes. Related work is investigating the potential for electronic pathology and imaging systems to improve the appropriate and efficient use of pathology and imaging services in hospitals.

Another area of study addresses questions of safety and quality of life in the aged care sector. It considers use of community support services by older people, the quality of care provided within residential aged care facilities and the role of information technologies as an enabler of effective care.

Work is also underway to identify the risks to patient safety in primary care, and how to mitigate those risks. Particular areas of interest are the use of digital health in primary care settings, from electronic clinical information systems to “My Health Record”, and from secure messaging to electronic medication management.