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Healthcare resilience

AIHI’s Centre for Healthcare Resilience and Implementation Science seeks to help stressed modern healthcare systems cope with the growing and increasingly complex care demands of ageing populations, rapid technological and organisational change, and stretched healthcare budgets.

Delivering appropriate care – that is evidence- or guideline-based care – doesn’t occur in every healthcare encounter. So part of this research is evaluating when appropriate care does occur and then piloting new approaches to clinical standards and exploring digital platforms for their system-wide delivery. Such tools will help clinicians deliver the right care at the right time to the right patients.

To deliver such evidence-based care, however, also requires healthcare professionals to change their behaviour. Therefore, another area of research is the application of behaviour change methods to design interventions that can transform healthcare organisations and improve patient outcomes. Research on how healthcare professionals interact with their work environment and technologies brings another relevant perspective to these questions. And both of these areas are examples of ‘implementation science’, research into methods that help translate the latest research findings into clinical practice.

Other work is using advanced epidemiological methods to improve our estimates of the burden of injury and disease. These data are integral for priority-setting by government health departments and to aid in evaluating the impact of preventative and public health strategies.