MQ Health - Macquarie University

Designing patient-centred and evidence-based hearing healthcare services, pathways and solutions

Today there are many solutions available that support those with hearing difficulties. However, the uptake of these solutions is estimated to be low. Why is this the case?

First, there are a few resources out there to help people objectively compare the solutions available. Second, no standard referral pathway exists throughout the lifetime to support hard-of-hearing individuals and their families in their learning, work and social environments.

With these challenges in mind, MQ Health’s Centre for Implementation of Hearing Research was established to rethink and redesign existing service models, with the aim of improving the services and quality of life for those with hearing difficulties. This includes the way that we develop, conduct and interpret research projects – and how we can then share this knowledge with clinicians involved in hearing healthcare such as audiologists; ear, nose and throat specialists; and GPs; as well as with clients.