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MQ Health Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology offers a range of exercise services to support your health and wellbeing during and after your cancer treatment. Our programs are personalised to provide you with care that perfectly suits your needs.

Exercise during cancer treatment

Physical exercise is a safe and effective medicine for many people during and after their cancer treatment. Studies have shown that exercise can improve your quality of life and help you feel better. It can even help to speed up your recovery after cancer treatment.

Regular exercise can help to:

  • Reduce the side effects of cancer treatment, such as fatigue (tiredness), pain and muscle and bone density loss.
  • Improve your cardiovascular function, strength and mobility.
  • Lift your mood and reduce feelings of stress.
  • Improve your immune function.

Promising research indicates that remaining physically active during treatment may also improve overall cancer outcomes.

Exercise services

  • Individual assessment and exercise program.
  • Supervised onsite exercise programs during and after treatment (including the Man Plan and Exercise during Radiotherapy Program).
  • Ongoing review and support for self-managed exercise.


MQ Health with the support of GenesisCare and Mundipharma are able to offer subsidised exercise programs for cancer patients. Contact our staff to discuss your eligibility for rebates.

Medicare rebates are also available for patients with a Chronic Disease Management plan with Team Care Arrangements. Private health rebates are available from most health funds – please speak to your health fund.

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