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The professional requirement for treating lymphoedema in Australia and New Zealand requires health care practitioners to complete a Level 1 Lymphoedema Course that is endorsed by the Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA).

On completion of this course practitioners will:

  • Receive an industry qualification that is recognised by the Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA), the peak professional body in lymphology in Australia and NZ
  • Become an ALA-accredited lymphoedema therapist eligible for listing on the National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register (NLPR)*
2018 Dates

Tuesday 30 October - Friday 9 November (excluding 3-4 November) eLearning from 17 September 2018 – enrolments now open

Register for November course

Course fee

Cost: $3,240 plus 10% GST. (Payment forms are located at the bottom of this page.)

Course fee inclusions:

  • comprehensive online pre-learning program
  • all face-to-face lectures and practical sessions including a full custom made garment measurement workshop
  • printed learning resources including a resource folder
  • bandages and other materials used in practical sessions
  • morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for the 9 days of the face-to-face module.
  • Receive an industry qualification that is recognised by the Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA), the peak professional body in lymphology in Australia and NZ
  • Become an ALA-accredited lymphoedema therapist eligible for listing on the National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register (NLPR)* (Read the terms for eligibility criteria.)*

Course content

To preview the course content and learning objectives, please download this guide. 

A) Online learning module

Before the 9-day course commences, you will be required to complete a comprehensive online learning package, provided in partnership with Klose Training. This includes reading materials, online web seminars/videos and exams. The online course is delivered in a user-friendly manner that allows you to learn at your own pace. You can stop videos and return later to re-watch the content at your leisure. This package could be completed in one week full-time, but we allow up to 6 weeks’ completion time to ensure completion at a leisurely pace. Your completion rate and pass mark on each online exam is assessable.

B) Face-to-face module

The face-to-face module is 9 days in duration. It includes 2 rest days to allow for fatigue management and a chance for our interstate and international students to do some sight-seeing. Three instructors are present on each day of the course. We also have guest lecturers presenting some aspects of the course, including Dr Helen Mackie and Associate Professor Hiroo Suami. The course includes all topics on complex lymphoedema management including theory (anatomy and physiology), compression therapy (bandaging, ready to wear garments, custom made garments and technology such as compression pumps), treatment technology (laser, PhysioTouch negative pressure), adjuvant treatments (kinesiology taping overview, chip bags/swell spots), exercise prescription, psychological wellbeing and surgical management. Several lymphoedema patients attend the course to assist with translation of theory to clinical context.

We focus on what is important to your learning:

  • Intensive practical sessions for confidence in the real clinical environment. (Please be prepared to undress into underwear as practical massage and bandaging sessions are performed on your peers. Shorts are recommended for the practical bandaging sessions.)
  • Comprehensive theoretical content delivered online learning, presentations and examination
  • An interactive learning environment that is stimulating, memorable and fun


This Level 1 Lymphoedema Course is open to qualified health professionals that have completed the equivalent of a University undergraduate degree. If you are an Australian or NZ health professional, you must have obtained a tertiary qualification as a doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist or registered nurse (Division 1 Registered Nurse in Victoria) and have professional registration with AHPRA.

We also accept international students.

Please contact us if you do not meet these criteria or are uncertain about your eligibility.


In the face-to-face module you will do three exams, two written theory exams and one practical review. In the practical review, you will be presented with a patient case study. You will then be required to create a treatment plan and demonstrate the required complex lymphatic treatment, including practical competency in written treatment planning, manual lymphatic drainage and bandaging.

If you fail either the theoretical or practical component of the examination (or both), you will be required to undergo re-examination within six months of the original exam at your own expense.


The course will be conducted at Dunmore Lang College in the beautiful grounds of Macquarie University. The address is 130 Herring Road, Macquarie Park, 2113.

The college is an easy 5-minute walk from Macquarie University train station. Parking is available at the college free of charge. Please press the intercom button at the gate and inform them that you are attending the course.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are included in the course. Please advise of any special dietary requirements as part of your registration.

Please bring a cardigan/jumper in the event that the air conditioning does not meet your individual needs. Shorts, a gown and extra towel(s) for the practical sessions are recommended.


Accommodation is available at Dunmore Lang College. Other recommended options include:

Accommodation and flights are not included in the cost of the course.

If you are travelling from interstate and overseas, please allow at least 5-8 kg in your luggage for course notes and brochures.

Parking is available at the college free of charge.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are included in the course. Please advise of any special dietary requirements on your registration form.

How to register

1. Complete the online registration forms

Register for November course

2. Scan and email a copy of your AHPRA registration or equivalent, to

3. Pay the associated course fees. A place will not be held in the course without confirmation of receipt of a deposit of $550 (including GST).

4. Payment can be made via credit card. The credit card form can be downloaded here.

5. If your workplace will be funding your course completion, payment may be made via Direct Bank transfer following invoice creation. Please write to ALERT education via requesting an invoice to be created.

6. Pay the balance of your fees at least 2-4 weeks before the eLearning component commences. Please avoid ALERT Education staff having to prompt you that payment is owing. For the November course, online learning commences on the 17th of September therefore payment should be completely made by Friday the 31st of August 2018. Fees are to be paid in Australian dollars. Please ensure this for international students.


Notification of cancellation must be sent by email to

All cancellations incur a non-refundable administration fee of A$50 (GST inclusive), which will be taken out of your initial deposit if cancellation is made at least 6 weeks before online learning commencement date. Enrollment can be transferred to an alternative ALERT Education Level One course, without incurring a cancellation fee. A cancellation fee of $550 (GST inclusive) will be incurred if notification is received after the online learning commencement date.

In the unfortunate event of sickness during the course, a sick leave certificate will be required, and the cancellation policy will still apply. Due to minimum hour requirements, set by the ALA for this course, the student will be required to re-take this component of the course at their own expense or wait until a subsequent ALERT Education Level One course. The certificate of completion cannot be awarded until all components and time requirements have been completed.

Testimonials from past students

“I am really grateful that I chose ALERT for my Level 1 lymphoedema training.  The course was so comprehensive and was taught by three experienced therapists who are all at the forefront of best evidence-based clinical practice. After completing the course, I feel confident and excited about using the clinical skills learnt to better manage and empower my patients with lymphoedema.” Elizabeth Eastwood, Physiotherapist, March 2018

“An intensive two weeks of learning that was challenging but enjoyable every step of the way thanks the amazing teamwork of ALERT. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone.” Stacey Swindon, Occupational Therapist, March 2018

“Felt honoured to be taught by four experts in the field who are supportive, knowledgeable and motivating. Highly recommend.” Hannah Kurnadi, Occupational Therapist, March 2018

“I would highly recommend this course for anyone with an interest in lymphoedema management. As a nurse I have gained many skills that will improve the management of my patients.” Michelle Roseno, Registered Nurse, March 2018

“I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. Fantastic learning from the people actually doing the research.” Lynn Dunnet, Physiotherapist, March 2018

“I have just completed ALERT Level 1 Lymphoedema course – amazing content and learning experiences.” Julia Murray, Occupational Therapist, March 2018

“A fantastic course which has increased my confidence and competence to treat patients non-complex lymphoedema.” Tara Hayes, OT, March 2018

"You walk into the course as a complete novice – minimal experience and by the end of 9 days you have the confidence to put what you've learnt into practice. You are well supported and guided by 3 experienced and knowledgeable caring women. It's a long 9 days but it couldn't be condensed. As a therapist I have to feel comfortable and confident to put what they've given me to practice and I do thanks to their guidance." Sarah Burton, Registered Nurse, November 2017

"Wonderful course, puts you through your paces but justly so. Well worth the time and expense of effort in learning this new and exciting lymphoedema development." Sharon Bradshaw, Registered Nurse, November 2017

"This course will change my work/job goals. I have found a new career path and am excited where this experience will take me. I would like to thank you ladies again for the best course I have done since graduating Physiotherapy. I have found new confidence in myself and believe that I will offer a quality Lymphoedema service one day (not sure where and how yet! I will be in touch for support. Thank you." Odette Treyvaud, Physiotherapist, November 2017

"The course content, instructors and venue were fabulous. I'm very excited to start on my journey as a lymphedema therapist. 5 stars." Helen McDougall, Occupational Therapist, November 2017

"The ALERT level 1 lymphoedema therapy course has been one of the best training and development courses I have ever participated in. I am confident that I have received world class training in lymphedema management and I am thrilled to now be a member of the ALAERT lymphedema community."  Bonnie Murdoch, Occupational Therapist, November 2017

"A huge thanks to all of you for all of the information, knowledge, skill and expertise and your passion and willingness to share this. This course was very in depth and covered so many aspects. The clinician- researcher mix of educators meant the content was evidence based, yet practical and relevant for current clinicians. Thanks for your support and efforts. Hope to keep in touch and see all of you in the near future." Aoife McGarvey, Physiotherapist, November 2017

"Fantastic, comprehensive course. Highly recommend to anyone considering working with lymphoedema." Sarah Coates, Physiotherapist, November 2017

"Absolutely amazing course! Very intense, but the educators were knowledgeable and helpful. Loved it." Toni Quirk, Occupational Therapist, November 2017

“An exceptional team of experts who conduct the most professional course with a great combination of cutting edge research and clinical experience.” Moira Mannion, Physiotherapist, April 2017

"I highly recommend the ALERT team. Louise, Sally and Andrea combine years of experience with the latest research and come together to inspire, challenge and encourage you. I was sad to leave the program, but excited to begin a new chapter in my career." Courtney Clapham, Physiotherapist, April 2017

"The ALERT Education Level One course is of the utmost highest standard, delivered by passionate, highly experienced therapists, and backed by the world-first leading research within the Macquarie University. But most of all, the course was fun! A valuable and memorable course." Sarah Squires, OT, April 2017

“Would highly recommend this course to any allied health clinician working in Australia." Suzanne DeMetz, OT, April 2017

"I have been very fortunate to have been involved in a learning environment with highly skilled health professionals. It was a privilege to learn from clinicians with many years combined experience who are passionate about passing on their knowledge. The pre-learning prepared me well coming into the face to face component of the course. Also the intensive hands on practical training during the face to face component has provided me with the skills to completely provide CLT service i.e MLD, MLLB, measuring and garment prescription. Presentations from industry garment suppliers also complimented the learning material well. The ongoing support of the educators providing mentoring opportunities at the completion of the course will further develop my clinical skills and build on the knowledge presented in the course. Thank you Sally, Louise and Andrea. It's been an amazing two weeks of learning.” Kate Pekins, Physiotherapist, April 2017

"This course well and truly surpassed all my expectations. We were all supported in our clinical learning and goals and individually given feedback to allow us to become competent and confident lymphoedema therapists. We had a great mix of theory and practical sessions and were given many opportunities for extra practice. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel it has made me a much better OT." Georgia Whyte, OT, April 2017

"Most comprehensive CPD I've ever done." Amanda Palmer, OT, April 2017