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Breast procedures

Breast augmentation

When it comes to plastic surgery, getting quality care can be expensive. Because of this, in recent years increasing numbers of Australian women have opted for cheaper providers both here and overseas. These providers often lack the proper skills, training and expertise, and as such many of their customers end up with less than optimal results and even face complications and trauma from improper techniques and unsanitary environments.

At MQ Health, we believe in providing only the highest quality of care. Based on our Macquarie University research into improving safety in breast augmentation procedures, we have developed our own 14-point plan – where we provide our patients with enhanced monitoring before, during and after surgery to help ensure the best possible care and outcomes.

But, providing quality assured care is only part of the equation. By guiding women through our program, MQ Health can deliver an optimal result to help give women greater peace of mind. Low cost surgeries are driving women to place their own health at risk. At MQ Health our ability to collaborate with like-minded healthcare providers, means we are now able to deliver safer breast augmentation surgery.

Right now, our internationally recognised surgeons are offering high quality breast augmentations from $5,999 [plus GST]. This includes the anaesthetic, day surgery and implant fees (conditions and exclusions may apply). For you, this means accessing high quality care at an affordable price, with the peace of mind that our 14-Point Plan delivers.

VIDEO:  Associate Professor Anand Deva explainsts MQ Health's 14 point plan

As an academic health sciences centre, our purpose is to heal, learn and discover. We are heavily focused on driving innovation through research, education and improved clinical care. Our overarching aim at MQ Health is to improve the lives of patients we treat as well as the broader community we serve. Our breast augmentation program reflects this goal. We can offer high quality treatment – whilst ultimately providing dedicated clinical care to patients before, during and after surgery within the cosmetic procedure industry. This is your opportunity to be treated by an leading Australian surgeons at an affordable price.

At Macquarie Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (MPRS), we have surgeons with substantial experience in breast implant surgery and research to ensure that our patients are given considered advice and high quality implants in accredited healthcare facilities. We have published widely on safer practices in breast augmentation and our 14 point safety plan has been developed to provide a high standard of quality assured care for patients.

Our surgeons will spend time tailoring the best implant options to your needs. It is important that patients are carefully assessed using detailed measurement and imaging techniques to help optimise the results following surgery. We also recommend that all patients undergoing breast implant surgery be enrolled in our life-long follow up program. This is to help ensure ongoing safety of our patients and monitor our patients for any medium to long-term complications related to implants.

WARNING: Any surgical or invasive procedure, such as breast augmentation, carries risks including in long term. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Breast asymmetry

The use of breast reduction and/or augmentation techniques can be used to correct significant breast asymmetry. MPRS surgeons will tailor the treatment program to your specific needs.

Breast enlargement with lift

In some selected cases, a combination of implant augmentation with breast lift may be recommended as the best option. This can be performed as a one or two stage procedure and our surgeons will advise on which of these options is best suited to your needs.

Breast implant revision

We are seeing an increasing number of new patients coming to us suffering from complications following procedures with cheap providers. There are an increasing number of clinics offering procedures at discounted prices, but without the proper training or certification to ensure the highest standards of safety and patient care are adhered to. In addition, patients choosing to have their procedures done overseas are often not necessarily being provided with quality implants or sufficient psot-op check-ups.

The most common reasons for breast implant revision surgery are contracture (hardening of the breast around the implant causing pain and deformity), malposition (rotation and or high riding implant), implant rupture (due to poor quality implants), infection, rippling or deflation. These complications can be difficult to treat and require complex and sometimes multi-staged procedures to restore optimal breast shape and symmetry. We have developed strong skills and experience and have been helping patients from all across Australia and internationally.

For more information on our breast implant best practice guidelines, watch the video below. This is now being adopted around the world to promote safety and ensure that all patients are given the best chance of a long-lasting and high quality results.

VIDEO:  Associate Professor Anand Deva explainsts MQ Health's 14 point plan

Breast lift

A breast lift (Mastopexy) enhances the shape of the breast by repositioning the nipple and adjusting the position and projection of the breast on the chest wall. Breast lifts are not intended to change the size of the breasts. It's aim is to restore a more youthful appearance and correct the effect of droop (ptosis) common after breastfeeding.

Female breast reduction

Female breast reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty) reduces the size, shape and volume of the breasts to relieve symptoms caused by excessively large breasts. For patients, the procedure can significantly relieve symptoms of back, neck and shoulder pain. It also enables people to perform certain activities that may not have been previously possible due to having large breasts.

Our surgeons use the latest techniques in breast reduction to minimise scarring. Breast reduction surgery is medically indicated and is partly covered by your private health fund.

Breast reduction can also be performed after pregnancy or to equalise breast shape and size for asymmetry or following reconstruction of the breast for cancer.

Male breast reconstruction

Enlargement of male breast tissue (gynaecomastia) occurs in some males. It is noticeable during puberty and becomes more pronounced with age and weight gain. For some men, the condition can have negative emotional impacts due to concerns of self-image. Our surgeons are able to assist patients through a relatively simple day procedure, done under sedation or general anaesthetic. There is minimal scarring and most patients are able to return to work within two weeks.

Tubular breast deformity

In some women, there is a congenital (birth related) deficiency of the lower half of the breast. The shape of the tubular breast deformity is abnormal and requires a combination of breast reshaping and implant placement. In this circumstance, the surgery is recognized as a medical condition and your implants and procedure are partly covered by private health funds.