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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic

Reconstructive procedures

Breast Reconstruction 

We offer the latest in breast reconstruction to restore parts of the breast lost to cancer. Breast reconstruction can be performed using either your own tissue (flap) or using implants.

For flap reconstruction, our preference is to use a deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap to transfer abdominal fat and skin to reshape a new breast. Other flap options include a TRAM (transverse rectus abdominis, a muscle in your lower abdomen between your waist and your pubic bone) and latisimmus dorsi (side torso) flaps. Our surgeons will examine you and discuss the best options to suit your needs.

For implant reconstruction, the use of a 2 stage (expander/implant) or one stage (immediate implant with or without artificial dermal matrix) can be considered. The development of the 14 point safety plan to reduce the risk of infection and contracture has made a great impact on patients undergoing implant reconstruction.

Craniofacial reconstruction

Associate Professor Deva is widely recognised as one of Australia’s leading experts in complex adult craniofacial reconstruction. Having trained overseas in reconstruction for facial deformity caused by trauma and birth defects, he then returned to Australia and led the facial trauma service at Liverpool Hospital for over 10 years.

He brings his considerable experience and skill to the management of some of the most difficult and challenging patients. Work up for these cases is multidisciplinary and involves input from maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics as well as speech therapy. Surgery is often multi-staged and a tailored treatment program is designed to restore both form and function to the face.

Facial reanimation

Dr. Gazi Hussain is recognised as one of Australia’s leading experts in reanimation of the paralysed face. Patients suffering Bell’s palsy, loss of facial movement following neurosurgery, cancer surgery and trauma can be left with significant disfigurement and functional loss of speech, vision and eating.

He has trained with leading international experts in the field and can offer the latest techniques to restore movement, facial expression and function.

Hand surgery

Our surgeons have expertise in hand surgery and work closely with Macquarie Hand Therapy to provide our patients with quality rehabilitative care and training following surgery.

The following conditions can be treated by our surgeons:

  • Carpal tunnel release
  • Dupuytren’s disease
  • Trigger fingers
  • Excisions of ganglions of the wrist and hand
  • Hand and upper limb tumours
  • Nerve repairs and tendon transfer for restoration of hand function
  • Thumb arthritis
  • Skin cancers of the hand and reconstruction
  • In addition, our surgeons can provide emergency treatment for all hand trauma

Nipple / areola reconstruction

As part of total breast reconstruction, we can reconstruct a new nipple and areolar (the pigmented skin around your nipple) using advanced flap reconstruction techniques. These procedures are performed separately after completion of you breast reconstruction and are usually day procedures.

Skin cancer

Our surgeons are involved in the treatment of skin cancer and associated reconstruction of defects following excision of skin cancer. We work closely with skin cancer clinics and dermatologists to provide support for the treatment of complex skin cancers.