MQ Health - Macquarie University

Men's Health Services

Comprehensive and Integrated Care

For many men, life is  busier than ever before, and looking after ourselves often slips down our list of priorities. The MQ Health Men’s Health model is designed specifically to help you take better care of yourself, by making access to check-ups and treatments as hassle free as possible. Coordinated care, with all diagnostic and treatment services under one roof means a lot less wasted time sitting in waiting rooms or traveling around the city to access multiple different medical appointments.
Because we are  part of MQ Health (which includes Macquarie University Hospital and Clinic), we have the infrastructure and the medical staff necessary to address men’s health issues at all stages of life including general lifestyle, mental health, ongoing health conditions or recovery from complex surgery.

Pathology, medical imaging and some of the most advanced medical technologies in the country are all on hand at MQ Health.

A dedicated liaison officer coordinates all appointments and reports, taking the burden off arranging follow-up appointments and chasing up test results out of your hands.

A Preventative Focus

There is now overwhelming evidence that a preventative health approach has far better outcomes for our long-term health, and can reduce our chances of ending up in an acute care facility.

Studies also tell us that men, in particular, tend to avoid routine medical check-ups and niggling health problems, often until they result in a major medical intervention.

Our services offer a strong preventative model of healthcare, along with additional necessary medical treatments, should early or late-stage disease be diagnosed.

If you think it’s time to address an unhealthy lifestyle, are experiencing mental health issues or simply would like a routine check, our doctors can arrange all necessary tests or refer you to nutritionists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists or other health professionals.

The Academic Edge

As the only Men’s Health Service located in an academic setting, our patients are seen by doctors who bring both clinical and research expertise. The latest knowledge, procedures and evidence-based practice is key to our approach. Patients can participate in clinical trials where necessary and be seen by multidisciplinary expert teams.

Your First Appointment

Our Men’s Health Service focuses on treating you holistically, with a view to offering preventative care, understanding your health goals and treating any acute or inter-related conditions.

For this reason, we need to gather a complete picture of your health, as efficiently and effectively as possible. Prior to your first appointment, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire that will give your doctor a good picture of your health at the start of your first appointment.

All first appointments last around 45mins, which we see as essential in offering personalised care. If needed, a plan for further investigation and management will be put into action.

Although preventive healthcare may or may not be the primary reason you are attending our service, our doctors will always consider strategies to minimise the risk of further illness, in addition to arranging any necessary immediate treatment.