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The Speech and Hearing Clinic of Macquarie University attracts leaders in the clinical audiology profession from across the globe to provide expertise in clinical practice and clinical education.

Associate Professor Catherine McMahon
Director of Audiology, Dept of Linguistics 
Director of MQ Centre for Implementation of Hearing Research (CIHR)

Associate Professor Catherine McMahon is a researcher and clinical audiologist, as well as Director of Audiology and Director of the Centre for Implementation of Hearing Research (CIHR) at Macquarie University. Catherine is also a senior scientist and project leader of the HEARing Co-operative Research Centre, the largest translational hearing research group in Australia, and an associate investigator with the ARC Centre of Excellence, Centre for Cognition and its Disorders. Catherine's research has a strong clinical focus that aims to better understand the effects of adult-onset hearing loss and its associations (such as tinnitus) on the individual, the family and community. It focuses on older adults where sensory disorders such as hearing loss and cognitive decline is highly prevalent. Her research aims to better understand the interactions between cognition on auditory perception in individuals with hearing loss, and to understand the changes that occur with hearing devices (mostly focusing on cochlear implants) and training programs. Ultimately, she hopes to provide clinicians with improved tools to differentiate between speech perception problems that arise from auditory disruptions or cognitive limitations and to provide clinical tools to remediate this.

Phillip Nakad - Audiology Manager

Phillip is currently the Audiological clinic manager, responsible for overseeing the quality of our service provision at the Macquarie University and Liverpool Hospital Audiology Clinics. Since completing his Masters in Audiology in 2006, Phillip has worked in a range of government and private clinics, and also has several years experience as a clinical educator at Macquarie University, from 2007 - 2010. He is passionate about the quality of hearing health care in Australia, and committed to ensuring the University clinics provide the best experience possible for clients, as well as a productive learning space for future audiologists.

Alisa Gourlie - Senior Audiologist / Clinical Educator

Alisa became a part of the Speech and Hearing Clinic - Audiology Services team in 2008 after working within the private hearing aid industry for two years. She was attracted to the various audiological services offered at the clinic, as well as the challenge of providing clinical education to students. Her main focus is on adult aural rehabilitation, and in particular to improve the outcomes of adults with hearing impairment.

Andrew Myles - Audiologist / Clinical Educator

Andrew has been practicing clinical audiology since 2002, and enjoys working with a range of clients in both diagnostic and rehabilitative appointments. He is passionate about his profession, the importance of evidence-based best practice, and the value of his role as a clinical educator of audiology students. Andrew is also an accredited Auslan (Australian Sign Language) interpreter.

Craig Salmon - Audiologist / Clinical Educator

Craig started working as an audiologist at the Speech and Hearing Clinic in 2016. Prior to embarking on his career as an audiologist Craig worked as a sound engineer. His primary interests include adult aural rehabilitation, paediatric assessment and tinnitus management.

Fiona Odams - Audiologist / Clinical Educator

Fiona has been employed at Macquarie University since 2015 and has been working in the field of audiology since 2000. Fiona has had the opportunity to specialize in diagnostic testing within the field of neuro-otology and was employed in London for a number of years as a paediatric audiologist. Continuing to practice all aspects of audiology within her role at Macquarie University, Fiona’s current areas of interest lies in vestibular assessment and complex paediatric testing.

Lynne Blackford - Audiologist / Clinical Educator

Lynne has been a member of the Speech and Hearing Clinic - Audiology Services team since 2008. She enjoys being a clinic educator and teaching students best practice for audiological services. Her special interests are tinnitus, hyperacusis and adult rehabilitation.

Oskars Stubis - Audiologist / Clinical Educator

Oskars joined the Speech and Hearing Clinic in 2016 after several years of audiological practice with both adult and paediatric clients in a small private hearing clinic. He enjoys attending to the varying needs of his clients and the opportunity to deliver his care within a high technology, best-practice setting.

Nese Ozalp - Audiologist / Clinical Educator

Nese has been practicing in clinical audiology since 2006 and has been part of the Speech and Hearing Clinic team since then. She is mainly located at the sister clinic in Liverpool Hospital and conducts diagnostic tests on adult and paediatric clients. Her main area of interest is in vestibular function testing.

Deepti Singh -Audiologist / Clinical Educator

James Bernardo - Audiologist

Speech pathologists

Prudence Gourley – Speech Pathology Manager

Prue is the Speech Pathology Manager responsible for speech pathology services at MQ Health Speech and Hearing Clinic. Prue is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and provides clinical services to adults within the clinic and at Macquarie University Hospital. Prue also provides clinical education to students within the Master of Speech-Language Pathology program at Macquarie University.

Prue strives for best practice in health care as a service leader and a clinician. Since completing a Bachelor of Science – Psychology and Master of Speech-Language Pathology (Honours), Prue has been working with adults in aged care, palliative care, rehabilitation, and oncology rehabilitation. During this time, Prue has co-authored the books Don’t Give Me Eggs That Bounce (2014), It's All About The Food Not The Fork (2016), and Lobster for Josino (2018), and Swallowing Difficulties in the Textbook for Palliative Care (2018). Prue has provided education to health professionals throughout Australia and is passionate about excellence speech pathology and clinical education.

Nicola Black - Senior Speech Pathologist / Clinical Educator

Nicola is a Senior Speech Pathologist and Clinical Educator at MQ Health. Nicola is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist who provides services to adolescent and adult clients at MQ Health Speech and Hearing Clinic and Macquarie University Hospital.

Since completing her Bachelor of Applied Science- Speech Pathology degree and her Masters in Public Health, Nicola has worked predominately with adults in acute care, rehabilitation, aged care and cancer care environments. Nicola has been integral in establishing and providing outpatient services to NDIS clients and gender-affirming clients within MQ Health.  She has experience co-ordinating and managing speech pathology teams and running speech pathology student units. She is passionate about clinical education excellence and holistic integrated client care.

Sarah Legge - Senior Speech Pathologist / Clinical Educator

Sarah has been practising as a speech pathologist since 2000, and since 2002 as a high level clinical educator, earning the title of Clinical Associate Lecturer for Sydney University prior to joining the team at Macquarie University Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Her scope of clinical practice spans community health, hospital, private practice and school settings. Sarah’s breadth of paediatric experience includes early language delay, receptive and expressive language difficulty, speech sound disorders, stuttering, reading/spelling difficulties and voice disorders, and includes those with acquired communication difficulties related to a stroke or other neurological events. She has expertise and a clinical interest in paediatric feeding disorders. Sarah has a strong commitment to providing interventions that combine recent research and evidence base whilst making therapy fun and meaningful for clients. She engages with individual and group therapy models, inclusive of parent and teacher training. In addition to her clinical education work, Sarah contributes to the theoretical component of the Masters’ program, lecturing on paediatric language disorders.

Eileen Boyle - Speech Pathologist / Clinical Educator

Eileen is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist working at MQ Health Speech and Hearing Clinic since 2017.  As part of the paediatric clinical education team, she has a strong commitment to provide clinical education to students within the Master of Speech-Language Pathology program at Macquarie University.

Her scope of clinical practice includes stuttering, early language delay, receptive and expressive language disorders, speech sound disorders and reading/spelling difficulties. She has experience providing individual and group therapy in a range of clinical environments including private practice clinics, pre-schools, primary and high schools as well as parent and teacher training. Eileen is passionate about delivering holistic, evidence based therapy with a particular interest in children who have literacy difficulties. Eileen is an active member of Speech Pathology Australia and is currently a member of the NSW Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee. This committee is tasked to engage and support speech pathologists so that their ‘life-long learning’ remains current, relevant and evidence-based.

Lillian Cochrane - Speech Pathologist / Clinical Educator

Lillian is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist with clinical and managerial experience in acute hospital and rehabilitative adult care. As part of the Macquarie University speech pathology team she provides speech pathology services to Macquarie University Hospital and outpatient services at Macquarie University Speech and Hearing Clinic. Lillian has extensive experience in assessing and managing a broad range of communication and swallowing problems across the areas of neurology, neurosurgery, head and neck cancer and oncology.  She has particular clinical interest in stroke, acquired language disorders, cognitive-communication difficulties, dysphagia management and motor-speech disorders. Lillian is committed to delivering holistic, evidence-driven service and is passionate about guiding and educating speech pathology students. As a Macquarie University Clinical Educator she supervises students completing practicums for their Master of Speech and Language Pathology.

Sally Pittendrigh - Speech Pathologist / Clinical Educator

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