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The Grateful Patient Program

The Grateful Patient Program provides support to patients who otherwise wouldn't have the means to pay for necessary healthcare services.

MQ Health delivers advanced medical and surgical services, and in order to prevent financial hardships for patients and families, has developed this donor-funded program to allow patients to receive healthcare services without the burden on excessive costs.

For instance, certain procedures require a patient to pay a gap payment or in other situations, particular diagnostic exams are not covered by the health fund. This can be the case when the treatment is new and the health funds haven't included it yet in their coverage model.

The Grateful Patient Program is a fund that donors have contributed towards as a way to say "thank you". Patients and their families are able to make donations to 'pay it forward' and assist other patients in the future.

One of our program recipients has this to say:

"I’m glad I found out that we have one of three world-leading clinics, the MQ Health Lymphoedema Clinic, right here in Sydney. I needed an intravenous ultrasound after sustained swelling on my entire left leg, which is a costly test. Dr. Daniel Nguyen, my vascular surgeon at the clinic applied for the Grateful Patient grant on my behalf. It was amazing to have this test donated, as it gave me the peace of mind about what I was suffering from. I can now put my finances toward the stent operation which will help treat the problem.”  

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