MQ Health - Macquarie University

Assessment and intervention for aphasia

Aphasia is a condition caused by damage to the areas of the brain that process language. It affects an individual's ability to understand and produce spoken and written language, and can have a devastating impact on many aspects of their life. The most common cause of aphasia is stroke – about one-third of people who have a stroke develop aphasia.

With the vision to improve and transform lives, researchers within MQ Health are conducting ground-breaking research focusing on:

  • how language is represented in the mind and how aphasia changes this,
  • the best ways to rehabilitate language after brain damage, and
  • intervention strategies to support people with aphasia.

Insights from such research support MQ Health’s speech pathologists to work directly with those who have aphasia. Our expert team provides evidence-based assessment and intervention, which is specifically tailored to the needs of people with aphasia and their families.