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Macquarie University Hospital incorporates Australia’s first University Hospital and Clinicals with Macquarie University’s Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences.

A range of opportunities exist for practitioners at Macquarie University Hospital and Clinics including contracts for clinic space and time, medical leadership positions, research facilities, academic appointments, employment and visiting practitioner rights.

Accreditation at Macquarie University Hospital is governed by the MUH By-Laws.

All medical and allied health practitioners are required to undertake the Accreditation/Credentialing process to be on site at Macquarie University Hospital. As part of this process applicants will be required to submit supporting documentation such as CV, registration, insurance, working with children, police checks and immunisation records. The exact requirements are listed on the welcome page for the relevant applicant category and require between 7-10 business days for processing for temporary accreditation.

Specialists (other than Anaesthetists)

Specialist medical practitioners employed or contracted at MQ Health will be contacted directly by the accreditation team. Specialists who are not otherwise engaged with Macquarie University Hospital, Clinics or the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences, should complete the expression of interest form.


Anaesthetists at MQ Health are required to join a regular and ongoing list with an MQ Health surgeon and participate in training prior to their first list.

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Surgical Assistants

Surgical Assistants at MQ Health are required to be supported by an MQ Health surgeon. Applications will be considered by the Head of Discipline having regard to preferential use of onsite doctor in specialist training to provide assistance where available.

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Career Medical Officers

Career Medical Officers at MQ Health are contracted to cover the Hospital evenings and weekends and opt-in to available shifts and rosters.

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Observers at MQ Health are governed by the Policy for Medical Observers within Theatres and Clinical Areas and must be supported by an accredited specialist.

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