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MQ Health Preventive health clinic

Welcome to MQ Health: Preventive health clinic

This is something new. A clinic designed with the primary aim of providing preventive health care and education. We want to prevent disease by assessing risk factors, or detect disease as early as possible prior to the onset of any symptoms. Additionally, our specialist GPs are particularly passionate about educating our patients about lifestyle factors that can be modified in order to reduce the risk of developing disease.

We can also assess and manage simple or complex health conditions. We are part of MQ Health and work closely with many other specialist’s onsite if referral is required. Onsite pathology collection is also available.

We recognise that you are busy, and your time is important. We have designed this service with longer appointments to minimise the number of times you need to come in to see the doctor, and we only request useful tests. Some after-hours appointments are also available, to make accessing the service as convenient as possible, and follow up by telephone is sometimes an option.

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