How can I claim for my clinic visit?

We provide both hospital and outpatient clinic services. Our clinic services are billed differently to our hospital services.

At MQ Health, we have more than 20 clinics covering a wide range of general and specialty areas.

Each clinic has their own set of fees, so it’s best to view the relevant clinic page or contact the clinic you'll be visiting if you have a question about how much your service will cost.

Our helpful staff are more than happy to discuss fees and charges with you..

It’s important to be aware that outpatient services – that is, the services offered at our clinics, are usually not covered by your private health insurance.

Private health insurance covers hospital costs and “extras” like physiotherapy, dental and optometry – but it usually doesn’t cover visits to a private specialist like a cardiologist.

Some clinic services may offer services that are "extras" in your policy - for example, physiotherapy services.

So it’s important to check with the individual clinic and your healthcare fund, as all funds have different policies.

When you visit one of our clinics, you will be asked to settle your account when you’ve finished your appointment.

Our clinic staff are more than happy to give you an estimate of your fees before your appointment.

In some cases, Medicare will cover a portion of your visit, but there is usually a difference between the clinic’s fee and what Medicare gives you. This is called the gap or out-of-pocket fee.

Our clinic staff will request your fee in full, then submit your claim electronically to Medicare. You will usually receive the funds from Medicare in a few days.

For health care card holders, pensioners, DVA and students, discounts or bulk billing may be available in some of our clinics. If you have a concession card, please contact the relevant MQ Health Clinic for a fee estimate.

You can find out more about fees, claiming and which services attract an out-of-pocket fee by contacting your MQ Health clinic or visiting the relevant clinic page on this site.