Providing you with the highest quality patient care

MQ Health General Practice offers comprehensive and well-established healthcare for your entire family.

Our approach is aligned with the progressive thinking that underpins MQ Health – combining world-class clinical care, teaching and research to deliver the best care possible.

We aim to achieve excellence in clinical practice and provide you with the highest quality patient care. To accomplish this, our team of experienced doctors work as a team with our allied health professionals and medical specialists to offer an extensive range of integrated health services.

What we treat

MQ Health General Practice offers a wide range of patient services:

  • acupuncture
  • allergy testing
  • cardiac assessment (ECG)
  • chronic and complex disease management (suited to patients of all ages, including the elderly)
  • dermatology (skin cancer checks)
  • lung function testing (spirometry)
  • minor procedures
  • men’s health (prostate checks, cardiology screening)
  • mental health
  • musculoskeletal medicine
  • paediatrics, immunisations
  • preventative medicine (general health check, blood screening for cholesterol and diabetes, immunisations)
  • sexual health (contraception, sexually transmitted diseases)
  • travel medicine (current recommendations, government-approved yellow-fever vaccination centre, provision of most vaccines at near cost-price)
  • women’s health (cervical screening, breast checks, gynaecological problems, Implanon)
  • work-related injuries.