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Healthy Weight Clinic

Obesity has become a major health concern in Australia and can be one of the most challenging conditions for someone to manage independently. The Healthy Weight Clinic at MQ Health is Sydney’s first full-service multi-disciplinary weight management clinic in a private setting that offers additional options and support to existing public sector care.

Importantly, the clinic caters to a broad range of weight and health concerns and includes programs for people who are looking to change their lifestyle behaviours in order to prevent chronic diseases as well as patients seeking additional medical support to reduce weight.

There’s never been a more important time to stay healthy!

We appreciate that staying on track with healthy lifestyle habits is even more difficult in these challenging times.

We want to re-assure you that our Allied health and Medical team at The Healthy Weight Clinic are here to support you.

To ensure your safety, we are temporarily moving to a MBS supported Telehealth service* model which will include access to video or phone-based consultations with our team.

Our Healthy Weight Clinic team has shared some tips to get you by this COVID period:

  • Endocrinologist, Dr Veronica Preda emphasises that "we should be aiming to optimise control in our diabetics (and diabetic at risk populations) as publications already from the cohort in China have shown these patients suffer with COVID more".
  • Exercise physiologist, Joanna Jaques, suggests to sit less and move more! Consider how your sitting patterns have changed with the shift to home. Schedule active breaks into your day, get outdoors if you can and explore online exercise options.

Please call The Healthy Weight Clinic at MQ Health on 02 9812 2941 for more details about the Remote Lifestyle Support Program Package on offer or to book your next appointment.

*subject to conditions