MQ Health - Macquarie University

Kidney and Hypertension Clinic

Our clinic combines the latest research with patient-focused care to treat a full range of kidney problems.

Our specialist doctors are closely involved with teaching and clinical trials, keeping them abreast of new evidence and helping create the best outcomes for you and your family.

They diagnose and managing both acute and chronic renal disease and high blood pressure, to slow its progress and help prevent complications. They also assess and provide ongoing management for dialysis and transplant patients.

Our clinic

Our clinic is located at Macquarie University, in the MQ Health building, which is adjacent to the Macquarie University Hospital.

This means our kidney specialists (nephrologists) can collaborate with other experts within the purpose-built MQ Health clinic and at the hospital. The result is seamless multidisciplinary care ideal for patients with complex medical conditions.

We have two comfortable and modern consulting rooms, with nearby parking and easy access to public transport.

If you need tests or scans, you can have these done within the same clinic building, often all on the same day.

Our integrated care model

MQ Health is an exciting new approach to healthcare.

We are Australia’s first fully integrated healthcare and research clinic, pooling the knowledge of Macquarie University, Macquarie University Hospital and of leading specialists.

Your nephrologist (kidney specialist) will be closely involved in training and research as well as your individual care. They will have access to information about emerging therapies and techniques, and participate in research projects and trials.

The reason for this isn’t academic – it’s you. By putting the focus on clinical excellence, we can help achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients and their families. Your health is the driving force behind our entire vision.

Our specialists

Our kidney specialists work in Sydney’s leading hospitals and research institutes. They provide a complete spectrum of kidney care, including for:

  • acute kidney injury
  • chronic kidney disease
  • high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • diabetic kidney disease
  • kidney stones
  • polycystic kidney disease
  • glomerulonephritis
  • recurrent kidney infections
  • electrolyte disorders and fluid imbalances

We aim to see urgent cases within a few days if possible.

Your nephrologist will focus on the medical management of your kidney disease or hypertension, including diagnosis of any underlying reason for recurrent kidney stones, infections and other disturbances.

They can also refer for surgery at Macquarie University Hospital if necessary, and are experienced in performing kidney biopsies.

If you need dialysis, our experts can help you find the best option for you and your family, and will provide ongoing management and care to ensure it is working effectively. They also assess patients for kidney transplant and provide complete pre- and post-transplant care.

Our referral network

As experts in their specialty, our nephrologists have close affiliations with Sydney transplant units, dialysis units and other specialists.

We also have an excellent relationship with the Chinese-speaking medical community and can offer consultations in Mandarin if this is helpful.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment at MQ Health Kidney and Hypertension Clinic or for any other enquiries, contact us on (02) 9812 3567.