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Breathe Easy: Bushfire respiratory service

Have you experienced difficulties breathing from the recent bushfires?

Respiratory specialists at MQ Health are offering rapid access appointments to people who are suffering exacerbation of asthma, COPD and other breathing conditions as a result of the bushfire smoke.

Easy access

With a referral from an ED or a GP, you will be able to get a prompt appointment to treat your condition.

Given the serious air quality concerns, we want to be sure patients receive the treatment they need without delay and without  having to pay the typical out-of-pocket fees.

See one of our respiratory specialists

  • Professor Alvin Ing
  • Dr. Taj Saghaie
  • A/Prof Jonathan Williamson
  • A/Prof Claude Farah
  • A/Prof Lucy Morgan

We are now able to treat children

Kids experiencing breathing difficulties can be treated by paediatrician, Dr. Penny Uther.

Call (02) 9812 3130 to arrange your appointment

Breathe Easy: Bushfire respiratory services will begin on Monday, January 20, 2020.

Breathe Easy will be available each weekday during the bushfire season and as long as there is demand for the service.