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Respiratory and sleep

Providing the highest quality patient care and treatment for respiratory and sleep conditions.

Our services

Sleep studies

With the recognition of the importance of a good night's sleep and with growing community awareness of the high prevalence of sleep disordered breathing in Australia (eg obstructive sleep apnoea), Macquarie Respiratory and Sleep is pleased to offer a modern sleep investigation unit with facilities and staff to help diagnose and oversee the treatment of common and rare sleep disorders.

Our services include:

  • diagnostic
  • CPAP titration/review
  • mandibular device titration
  • home diagnostic studies.

Home studies

Home studies can be performed on suitable patients and comply with accreditation and accepted Australasian Sleep Association guidelines.

Sleep Laboratory Director

Dr Lydia Makarie Rofail BScMed MBBS (Hons) PhD FRACP


To make a direct patient referral to the Sleep Laboratory, please download and complete the referral form below and fax to (02) 9812 3844 or email to

Lung function testing

Most lung disorders affect the way the lungs operate so measuring the function of the lungs may be an important part of your medical assessment. Our on-site lung function laboratory provides a range of tests to help measure and assess lung and airway function and operates according to the internationally recognised American Thoracic Society standards.

Respiratory investigation tests include:

  • full lung function (Spirometry with pre and post bronchodilator / DLCO / lung volumes)
  • spirometry (pre and post bronchodilator)
  • MIPs & MEPs (tests of respiratory muscle function)
  • mannitol challenge testing (bronchial provocation test)
  • cardio pulmonary exercise test (CPET).

Respiratory Lab Director

Professor Matthew Peters MD FRACP


To make a direct patient referral to the Lung Function Laboratory, please download and complete:

Fax to: +61 (02) 9812 3844 or email to

Interventional services

We specialise in offering the latest interventional treatments for lung conditions, where medication therapy alone has failed to adequately control symptoms.

The burden of chronic lung disease is high in the Australian population. Many people with lunch disease are unaware that a range of interventional treatments is now available which can improve their breathlessness.

What is interventional pulmonology?

Interventional pulmonology is a branch of respiratory medicine dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of lung disease, utilising minimally invasive techniques. Procedures are performed via a bronchoscope through the airways, so no invasive surgery is required.

The areas of interventional pulmonology we cover are:

  • flexible and rigid bronchoscopy
  • endoscopic lung volume reduction (ELVR) with one-way valves for COPD
  • ELVR with stream of 'glue' for patients with COPD not suitable for valves
  • Endobrochial ultrasound (linear EBUS) – for the diagnosis and staging of mediastinal nodes
  • Endobrochial ultrasound (radias EBUS) – for the diagnosis of peipheral lung nodules
  • dilatation/stenting of airways
  • management of proximal airways obstruction including tumours with laster (Nd-Yag and Holium), cryoprobe and APC
  • diagnosis of interstitial lung disease with cryoprobe biopsy
  • Bronchial thermoplasty for refractory asthma

Interventional treatments can improve symptoms, function and quality of life in selected people with chronic lung disease. These treatments are usually only offered when optimal medication therapy has already been tried, and failed, to adequately control symptoms.

Not everyone is suitable for these procedures and our physicians will need to fully assess you before any interventional treatments can be offered.

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