A rapid-access program for patients with spine pain

The Acute Spine Clinic is a collaboration between MQ Health general practitioners, physiotherapists and spinal surgeons.

Lead by a team of orthopaedic and neurosurgical spine surgeons, the Acute Spine Clinic provides rapid access to specialist care for patients with a new instance or flare-up of spinal pain.

Our multidisciplinary approach — incorporating physiotherapists, physicians, spinal specialists and leading spinal pain researchers — allows us to provide timely, coordinated and evidence-based treatment, by the most appropriate clinician(s).

What we treat

  • new and acute spinal (neck or back) pain
  • flare-up of spinal pain
  • pain, altered sensation (tingling, numbness) or weakness in the legs or arms.

For referrals received during business hours, we can schedule a formal, on-site assessment next business day (Monday to Friday) with our clinic physiotherapist. We will then provide a comprehensive management plan, including streamlined referral for pain-management, imaging and/or surgical opinion if indicated.

Patients with severe weakness (eg unable to walk) or who have lost bladder or bowel function, we advise immediate presentation to the nearest Emergency Department.

For triage, or to make a clinic appointment, contact the Acute Spine Clinic directly on +61 (2) 9812-3040.

The Acute Spine Clinic is situated in the MQ Health Clinic Building, adjacent to Macquarie University Hospital on the Macquarie University campus. We are conveniently located near both Macquarie University Metro and bus stations.

Parking is available for a fee outside the MQ Health Clinic building or under Macquarie University Hospital. We accept referrals from across the Greater Sydney region.


If you are suffering weakness, the inability to walk, or the loss of control of your bladder or bowel function, our clinic is not the most appropriate service and you should attend your nearest emergency department immediately.