Integrated care based on the latest research

MQ Health Haematology clinic provides professional and compassionate care for patients with blood disorders and blood cancers.

Our specialist doctors are actively involved in research and teaching at Macquarie University, keeping them at the forefront of the latest techniques and evidence-based treatments.

Our patients also benefit from easy access to Macquarie University Hospital and other specialist clinics, including oncology, pathology, radiation and imaging. Our coordination with these other services gives you a seamless experience across all your health concerns.

We also offer fast access to specialist appointments, often available within one week.

What we treat

Many patients are referred to see a haematologist after blood tests performed by their local doctor or another specialist reveal an abnormality. This can sometimes be a sign of:

  • anaemia
  • blood clotting and bleeding disorders
  • leukaemia and lymphoma
  • multiple myeloma.

A haematologist can help to work out the cause of the abnormality and, if necessary, instigate appropriate treatments.

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Last updated: 29 Oct 2021