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Providing the highest quality patient care, expert assessment and management of all adult neurological problems.

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MQ Health Neurology is an adult neurology practice located in the Macquarie University Hospital. It provides expert assessment and management of all adult neurological problems, with neurophysiology assessment including EEG, evoked potentials and nerve conduction studies.

Inpatient care for MQ Health Neurology is provided in Macquarie University Hospital, Australia’s first university hospital.

Specialist services

Motor Neurone Disease Service

Managing the integrated care of approximately 10% of the MND patients in Australia and providing expert diagnosis and management of all stages of MND. Learn more.

Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Service

This service manages the care of more than 400 patients with Parkinson's Disease and other movement disorders such as Huntington's Disease, Lewy Body Disease and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. Learn more.


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