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An integrated approach to healthcare

  • Heal

    MQ Health is striving to improve the lives of patients and communities. We deliver the best patient outcomes through excellence in clinical care, underpinned by high-quality education and world-leading research.

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  • Learn

    We integrate health education and training with the latest medical research and clinical excellence to provide transformative learning experiences for tomorrow's healthcare leaders and medical professionals.

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  • Discover

    Our cross-disciplinary research in cancer, neuroscience, clinical services, cardiovascular, hearing, mental health, health systems, neuroscience, clinical sciences and cardiology leads the world.

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About MQ Health

MQ Health is Australia's first fully integrated university-led health sciences centre, combining excellence in clinical care with teaching and research. It brings together Macquarie University Hospital, Macquarie University Clinical Associates, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and clinical components of the Faculty of Human Sciences.

MQ Health's integrated approach delivers holistic patient care and treatment informed directly by world-renowned research and continuous learning for improved patient outcomes, enhanced student experiences and more and better research. Read more

Our mission as a non-profit academic medical centre is to put the patient first. We deliver clinical care, learning and research focused on progress through evidence. Your support is crucial in allowing us to continue to pioneer lifesaving medical research and deliver education programs that define the future of healthcare.


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Macquarie University Hospital

Our state-of-the-art hospital is Australia's first private, not-for-profit teaching hospital owned and operated by a university. Our clinicians, researchers and teachers work collaboratively to deliver excellence in healthcare underpinned by compassion, care and support.

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An integrated approach to healthcare