MQ Health - Macquarie University

Surgical innovation

Beyond the biomechanics-related research to improve the approaches for orthopaedic surgery, or new approaches for cancer surgeries or neurosurgery, MQ Health does other research to advance surgical techniques.

One such area is in cardiothoracic surgery and development of evidence-based surgical approaches to improve patient experience and outcomes after major heart surgery, such as aortic arch surgery. Other efforts are seeking to test and develop a solid evidence base for minimally invasive techniques for cardiac, lung and gastrointestinal surgeries. Often the end goal of this work is the development of national or global surgical databases and protocols for best-practice, evidence-based treatment.

Other innovations are occurring in the development of new devices, instruments and technologies that can support more precise and safer surgical approaches.

To underpin all of this activity, collaborative research with the Department of Philosophy is developing a practical framework to better manage the ethical and regulatory issues associated with surgical innovation in the healthcare system.