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Regular physical activity and exercise is one of the most simple and powerful medicines we have to prevent and manage a wide range of health risk factors and medical conditions.

At MQ Health, our exercise physiologists are specialists in clinical exercise prescription, providing tailored advice and exercise support after a diagnosis or change in health status such as diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure or cancer.

Together, they will identify a safe and appropriate starting point for your exercise, and tailor exercise progressions that take into account your medical history, medication, functional capacity and health goals. Our supportive team will also help you integrate exercise into your day and establish habits to sustain a regular physical activity routine.

Our team

Joanna Jaques, Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Joanna is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with 15 years of clinical experience delivering exercise interventions to patients presenting with a wide range of chronic and complex medical conditions including cardiometabolic, musculoskeletal, neurological and psychological conditions; cancer; and chronic pain.

Joanna has worked extensively in university-based, multidisciplinary health clinics and the private sector. She is a sessional lecturer in the Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology program at the Australian Catholic University, and has a keen interest in clinical research. In her role as Exercise Physiologist at MQ Health, Joanna aims to provide her patients with individualised and tailored exercise programs – complementing other medical, dietary and lifestyle interventions - to improve health and wellbeing.