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Become a Lymphoedema Therapist

Through the ALERT Education program, Macquarie University is the first university in Australia to offer lymphoedema education via a continuing professional development program.

The course includes the international standard of 135 hours of lymphoedema education spread over two modules, including an online learning module followed by a 9 day face-to-face module consisting of instruction in theory and comprehensive practical sessions.

The course is delivered by highly experienced health professionals and academics and is based on the latest evidence in the literature on lymphoedema knowledge, research and technology.


The international standard for accreditation as a lymphoedema practitioner requires health professionals (with a bachelor's degree equivalent) to undertake 135 hours of study in the field of lymphoedema management.

In Australia and New Zealand, the Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA), the peak professional association for lymphology, recognises health professionals who have completed endorsed courses. The ALERT Education Lymphoedema Accreditation Course is ALA-endorsed.

Becoming an ALA member is not compulsory to practise as a lymphoedema therapist, but it is recommended. ALA members that have completed ALERT Education’s Lymphoedema Accreditation Course will become eligible for listing on the National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register (NLPR) as an Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner and will be able to use the ALA’s tick of approval. See the ALA website for more information.

Frequently asked questions

1/ Once I complete this course do I need to complete further training?

A "lymphoedema accreditation course" previously called "level one lymphoedema courses" allows you to treat common forms of lymphoedema. Your qualification does not expire according to ALERT Education and we do not require our students to re-take this course at a later stage.

The ALA has announced changes to come into effect in 2020 regarding Lymphoedema Qualifications. This includes broadening the types of health professionals that can be listed on the National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register (NLPR) and removing Level Two certification.

Once a practitioner is qualified as a lymphoedema practitioner, they can elect to complete further training that suits their own individual learning needs. A speech pathologist, for example, may require a high level of skill in the management of head and neck lymphoedema and therefore may elect to do further training in this area, which is usually not covered in great detail in a standard lymphoedema accreditation course.

All health professionals are required to complete ongoing training to meet their continuing professional development (CPD) requirements under AHPRA. The ALA also asks for proof of ongoing CPD.

More information can be found on the ALA website.

2/ Should I consider any further workshops if I was qualified several years ago?

We are constantly updating our courses with new evidence based literature.

We encourage all qualified lymphoedema practitioners, if a qualification was received over 12 months ago, to attend one of our Lymphatic Anatomy Workshops. We are able to bring you the latest in our understanding of the lymphatics through the use of indocyanine green lymphography (ICG.)

3/ Why should I complete this course at Macquarie University?

At ALERT Education we feel we are in a unique position to offer you the latest in lymphoedema education. We leverage off the fact that we are running the courses through a university model and as such have access to academics who are currently involved in lymphoedema research, health professionals currently treating lymphoedema and an education team that tries to ensure that our students have access to the latest in evidence based information.

You can read more on “What ALERT offers” here.

2020 Dates

Tuesday 11 February - Friday 21 February - closed

Tuesday 15 September - Friday 25 September - cancelled due to COVID-19.

Register Now

For further information please email:

Course fee

Level one lymphoedema course fee for 2020 - $3520 + GST

Course fee inclusions:

  • comprehensive online pre-learning program
  • all face-to-face lectures and practical sessions including a full custom-made garment measurement workshop
  • printed learning resources including a resource folder
  • bandages and other materials used in practical sessions
  • morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for the 9 days of the face-to-face module.
  • receive an industry qualification that is recognised by the Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA), the peak professional body in lymphology in Australia and NZ

Course content

The course includes 135 hours of education spread over two modules including an online learning module and then a 9 day face-to-face module that includes instruction in theory and practical sessions.

A) Online learning module

Before the 9-day course commences, you will be required to complete a comprehensive online learning package, provided in partnership with Klose Training. This includes reading materials, online web seminars/videos and exams. The online course is delivered in a user-friendly manner that allows you to learn at your own pace. You can stop videos and return later to re-watch the content at your leisure. We allow up to 6 weeks to ensure completion at a leisurely pace. Your completion rate and pass mark on each online exam is assessable.

B) Face-to-face module

The face-to-face module runs for 9 days. Course hours are 8 am - 4.30 pm each day, except the final Wednesday, which runs to 7.30 pm.

The course instructors are qualified lymphoedema therapists, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists. We also invite guest lecturers to present some aspects of the course, including differential diagnosis and lymphatic anatomy. Biographies of our team can be found here.

The course includes all topics on complex lymphoedema management such as the theory of lymphatic anatomy and physiology, compression therapy (bandaging, ready-to-wear garments, custom-made garments and technology such as compression pumps), treatment technology (such as laser and negative pressure), adjuvant treatments (such as an overview of kinesiology taping and the use of chip bags/swell spots), exercise prescription, psychological well-being and surgical management.

Several patients with lymphoedema attend the course to assist with translating theory to the clinical setting.

We focus on what is important to your learning:

  • Intensive practical sessions to give you confidence in the clinical environment. (Please be prepared to undress to your underwear, as practical massage and bandaging sessions are performed on your peers. “Short shorts” are recommended for the practical bandaging sessions.)
  • Comprehensive theoretical content based on the latest evidence in the literature and delivered by experienced health professionals.
  • An interactive learning environment that is stimulating, memorable and fun.

For a copy of our course content please click here


  • Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) level 7 bachelor's qualification in a health degree or recognised equivalent
  • For Registered Nurses that received their qualification as "Registered Nurse" via a certificate prior to University Nursing programs being commonplace,  this qualification is accepted. Nurses must be Division 1 or Registered Nurses. We are unable to accept Enrolled nurses.
  • Current registration with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
  • Professional indemnity insurance appropriate for providing lymphoedema treatments
  • This course is taught in English, so all applicants must be proficient in English. For more information, please see our English Language Requirements.
  • Please contact us at if you are uncertain about your eligibility.

    Whilst ALERT welcomes interdisciplinary learning, each individual health professional needs to ensure that they practice within their scope of practice. Please seek guidance from your professional board and from your insurance company in regards to which modalities you are covered to deliver.

    All health professionals are encouraged to learn about lymphoedema, especially if you are working with cancer patients and those with vascular conditions, such as wounds. Risk reduction education has been shown to improve patient outcomes.1

    Reference 1: Stout, N.. et al (2012) A prospective surveillance model for rehabilitation for women with breast cancer. Cancer.118:2191–2200


In the face-to-face module you will do three exams, two written theory exams and one practical examination.

In the practical exam, you will be presented with a patient case study. You will be required to create a treatment plan and demonstrate competency in delivering the appropriate complex lymphatic treatment, including written treatment planning, manual lymphatic drainage and lymphoedema bandaging.

If you fail either the theoretical or practical component of the examination (or both), you will be required to undergo re-examination within six months of the original exam at your own expense.


The course will be conducted in the Physiotherapy department in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Macquarie University. The address is Ground Floor, 75 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113.

Please bring a cardigan/jumper in the event that the air conditioning does not meet your individual needs. Shorts, a gown and extra towel(s) for the practical sessions are also recommended.


Unfortunately, we have no parking on-site at our venue at 75 Talavera Road, so we strongly encourage you to use public transport. The train station at Macquarie University is a 5 minute walk from 75 Talavera Road and the bus stops on the other side of Talavera Road, right outside the venue.

You can find out more at

There is some free street parking on Talavera Road between MGSM and Culloden Road. These spaces fill up fast and are usually taken by 8 am.

Paid parking is available at Macquarie University Hospital and Macquarie Shopping Centre. There is also paid parking on campus.

Please contact us at  if you would like to talk further about parking options.


Recommended options for accommodation include:

Accommodation may also be available outside of university term time at Dunmore Lang College or Robert Menzies College. Please contact the colleges for availability.

Accommodation and flights are not included in the cost of the course.

If you are travelling from interstate and overseas, please allow at least 5-8 kg in your luggage for course notes and brochures.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are included in the course. Please advise of any special dietary requirements on your registration form.

How to register

1. Complete the online registration forms

2. Scan and email a copy of your AHPRA registration or equivalent and evidence of professional indemnity insurance to

3. Pay the associated course fees via the above registration link. A place will not be held in the course without confirmation of receipt of a deposit of $550 (including GST).

5. If your workplace will be funding your course completion and is unable to pay by credit card, please write to ALERT education via to request a tax invoice and direct deposit payment instructions.

6. Pay the balance of your fees at least 2-4 weeks before the online learning module is due to commence. Late payment may delay the commencement of your online learning. There is a delay of 72 hours minimum from the time full payment has cleared before you can access the online learning material.)

For the course commencing face-to-face on 11 February 2020 the final payment is due prior to the online learning opening on 6 January 2020.


Notification of cancellation must be sent by email to

All cancellations incur a non-refundable administration fee of A$50 (GST-inclusive), which will be taken out of your initial deposit if cancellation is made at least 6 weeks before the online learning commencement date. Enrolment can be transferred to an alternative ALERT Education Lymphoedema Accreditation Course without incurring a cancellation fee, as long as online learning has not commenced. A cancellation fee of $550 (GST-inclusive) will be incurred if notification is received after the online learning commencement date.

In the unavoidable event that you become unwell during the course, a sick leave certificate will be required, and the cancellation policy will still apply. Due to the requirement for completion of a minimum number of hours to gain lymphoedema certification, you will be required to re-take this component of the course at your own expense or wait until you can attend a subsequent ALERT Accreditation course. The certificate of completion cannot be awarded until all components have been completed and attendance requirements have been met.

Testimonials from past students

February 2020:

“Course instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring all students did as well as they could.” (Brittany Siviour, Physiotherapist)

“ALERTs team of educators, as both researchers and practitioners run an amazing course with clear use of evidence. Their newer techniques answered many questions or conundrums I had in the world of lymphoedema. The facilitators put amazing thought into how they designed and sequenced the learning activities.” (Kieran Broome, Occupational Therapist)

“Even for people who only have a basic understanding of lymphoedema/ are not passionate about lymphoedema, coming to this course will make you feel passionate about it due to the tutors passion in the treatment and management of lymphoedema. Would 100% recommend.” (Cheryl Ling, Physiotherapist)

“I enjoyed learning from the ALERT program providers. They showed their passion for lymphoedema therapy and it was fascinating learning from them.” (Letica Low, Occupational Therapist)

“Very intensive, practical skills-based course, supported by very knowledgeable clinicians with great integration of latest research in the area. Fantastic course.” (Yolande Halls, Occupational Therapist)

“A well organised and comprehensive course,rRun by a group of passionate and inspirational health professionals. Presenting the latest research and practice for lymphoedema therapy.” (Mai Hordern, Physiotherapist)

“Thank you so much to the ALERT team for fostering such a positive and enriching adult learning environment. The educators and guest speakers were so generous of their time, experience and knowledge. This course exceeded my expectations.” (Katherine Shepherd, Physiotherapist)

“Intensive, hands-on course with world class presenters. The ALERT course provided networking for future use of products such as garments, pumps and wound care with suppliers. Could not recommend more!” (Chloe Mckinnon, Physiotherapist)

“A very professional and organised course. All the instructors have a tonne of experience and it is very obvious that they love what they do.” (Meena Hami, Physiotherapist)

“A comprehensive course, filled with educators who are passionate in lymphoedema management. A great learning environment with amazing guest reps. This was an experience of a lifetime and I am leaving more confident and passionate in treating lymphoedema.” (Roxanne-Lee van Rensburg, Physiotherapist)

“Such an amazing course, such friendly, experienced and caring educators. We all had such an amazing time, had fun and learnt a lot. Thank you for opening my eyes to the world of lymphoedema.” (Stephanie Scott, Physiotherapist)

“Great learning experience. Supervisors were knowledgeable and gave helpful tips for the real world.” (Lauren Duffy, Physiotherapist)

“Great hands on course where you get a great fundamental understanding of the principles behind lymphoedema treatment and practical to make sure you feel confident to go out and do that.” (Dominic Bullock, Physiotherapist)

“Amazingly dedicated, caring but challenging tutors and lecturers who really get the most learning out of me possible!” (Anna Lennie, Physiotherapist)